udoq 550 CHARGING STATION Universal LInductive charging station with quick charging function and power delivery with 4 ports for tablets, smartphones and other devices

Aluminum charging dock with wireless adapter, Lightning and USB-C cable, including cable box and PD charger.


Apple Charging dock made of 4mm solid aluminum, milled and anodized. Silicone protective ribs protect the devices.
The power supply is located in the cable box on the back of the docking station, only a power cable leads to the socket.

All charging ports can be flexibly moved laterally and can be replaced at any time. Each detail can easily be replaced.

This set contains:
WIRELESS ADAPTERS (QI charging function): compatible with Android smartphones with wireless charging technology and Apple iPhone 15 | 14 | 13 | 12 | 11 | XR | XS | XS Max | X | 8th
C-PD CABLE(USB-C to USB-C fast charging cable): compatible with iPhone 15 | AirPods Pro 2 | iPad Pro (from 3rd generation) | iPad Air (from 4th generation) | iPad (from 10th generation)
L-PD CABLE (Lightning to USB-C fast charging cable): compatible with all iPhones up to 14 | AirPods | 2 | 3 | Pro | iPad Pro (up to 2nd generation) | iPad Air (up to 3rd Gen.) | iPad (up to 9th generation)
3C+1A CHARGER: 68W charging power, efficiently divided between 3 USB-C ports and 1 USB-A port. Electronic safety circuits reliably protect the devices against overheating, overcharging and overvoltage.
CABLE BOX S: compatible with all udoq Rails, offers space for 1 charger and all cables.

Weight and dimensions of rail with adapter: 2,66 kg | 55x10x18cm

Any expandable with
WIRELESS ADAPTERS (QI Charger for wireless charging)
APPLE WATCH ADAPTER (Bracket for all Apple Watches)
a Mount for Apple Pencil or other stylus pens)
UNIVERSAL STABILIZER (support for iPads and tablets)
WALL MOUNT (stable wall mounting)
or with additional chargingCABLE (Apple Lightning, Apple Lightning PDUSB-C, USB-C PDMicro-USB, Apple 30 pin).

If you are not sure whether your mobile devices fit, you can get your udoq also in CONFIGURATOR assemble. This will help you to select the rail length and the connections.