FUSE SETfor theft-proof installation

Set consisting of assembly box and robust nylon cable hose.


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SECURITY SET for theft-proof installation of the udoq RAILS in the public domain.

The CHARGER will not on udoq fixed, but on a piece of furniture or the wall. The 1 meter long connecting hose between CHARGER and udoq protects the USB cables and secures them udoq RAIL against theft. The SECURITY SET consists of a separate assembly box for the CHARGER, a connecting hose made of robust nylon and strain reliefs at both ends.

The SAFETY SET can only be used with the 150 cm long chargingCABLE used to measure the distance between udoq RAIL and balance mounting box.

By default, we mount the SECURITY SET on yours for you udoq.

Technical Details | Compatible to
Compatible with all udoq RAILS | For supplying a maximum of 6 mobile devices

Ventilated mounting box: length: 20 cm, width: 12 cm, height: 5 cm, with cable strain relief (ABS, black) | Connection hose (1 m) | Hose clip with cable strain relief (ABS, black) | Screws (6 pcs., TX 10) | Brochure holder (ABS, black)

For chargers with max. 12 cm x 7,5 cm x 4,5 cm | operation manual