CABLE BOX Mfür eine udoq Multi charging station | holds 2 USB chargers

suitable for rail lengths 400, 550 and 700.


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The KABELBOX M (Medium) is simply attached to the back of the udoq RAIL attached and offers space for two CHARGER. All loadingELECTRIC WIRE are led through the lower opening and thus supplied with electricity.

The KABELBOX M is compatible with the RAILS udoq 400, udoq 550, udoq 700 and can also be used in conjunction with the WALL MOUNT use. Only two 230V connection cables lead out of the KABELBOX M. This is also the case on the back of the udoq no other cables visible.

Technical Details | Compatible to
Accommodates two 5-slot USB chargers and all udoq CABLE | Will on udoq snapped into cable hole | The large lid provides access to cables and power supply | 3 large openings for connection cables on the back.

Internal dimensions: approx. 280 x 42 x 65 mm
Material: heat-resistant ABS (black)

Compatible with the RAILS 400, 550 and 700 and with the WALL BRACKET.