CABLE BOX Sfor every udoq charging station | holds 1 USB charger

suitable for all rail lengths.


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The KABELBOX S (Small) is simply attached to the back of the udoq RAIL plugged in and offers space for the cables and a CHARGER. All loadingELECTRIC WIRE are led through the lower opening and thus supplied with electricity.

The KABELBOX S is compatible with all udoq RAILS and can also be used in conjunction with the WALL MOUNT use. Only a 230V connection cable leads out of the CABLE BOX. So are also on the back of the udoq no charging cables visible.

Technical Details | Compatible to
Accommodates a USB CHARGER and all udoq CABLE (not suitable for the 6-SLOT USB CHARGER) | Will on udoq snapped into cable hole | The large lid provides access to cables and power supply | 3 large openings for connection cables on the back.

Internal dimensions: approx. 200 x 42 x 65 mm
Material: heat-resistant ABS (black)

Compatible with all udoq RAILS and WALL BRACKET.