APPLE WATCH ADAPTERudoq a Mount for Apple Watch 1-9 and Apple Watch Ultra 1,2

for charging with the respective “original magnetic charging cable for Apple Watchit is".


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To load everyone Apple Watch Models with the respective “Original Magnetic Charging Cable for Apple Watchit". To load the Apple Watches 7,8,9 and Ultra 1,2 please choose one of our chargers with USB-C connection (3C+1A charger, 2C+2A charger, 1C+4A Charger).

The APPLE WATCH ADAPTER brings the original Apple “Magnetic charging cables” yours Apple Watch (not included) on the udoq RAIL in the optimal position. Every Apple Watch can be vertical or horizontal on APPLE WATCH ADAPTER can be attached. When the bracelet is closed, the watch slides on to the side.

The APPLE WATCH ADAPTER is with everyone udoq RAILS compatible. He will - like everyone else udoq charging CABLE - in the udoq RAIL is pushed in and can be moved freely to the side.

The connection takes place in the CABLE BOX  to a USB charger.

Technical Details | Compatible to
Compatible to Apple Watch Ultra, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, SE, Nike, Hermes
The newer ones Apple Watches Ultra, 8 and 7 are delivered with a new “magnetic charging cable” (USB-C). To charge you need a USB-PD charger. The Apple WatchEs 1-6 can be charged with the original "magnetic charging cable" of the previous generation and the standard USB charger.

Width: 4 cm | Height: 15 cm (incl. udoq) | Colour: black | Material: ABS

Suitable for “Apple Watch Magnetic charging cable” for Apple Watchit 1-6 in chrome or white and for the new "Apple Watch 7, 8, Ultra Magnetic Charging Cable (USB-C) (not included) | operation manual