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udoq 700 PRO charging station

Multi charging station for use in companies and organizations | with 8 wireless charging slots

udoq 700 CHARGING STATION Apple Premium XL

Multi charging station for iPads iPhones and AirPods | with MagSafe, Lightning and USB-C Power Delivery

udoq 700 CHARGING STATION Apple Basic XL

Multi-charging station for multiple devices | 5 Apple Lightning Connections for iPhone, iPad and AirPods

udoq 550 CHARGING STATION Universal L

Inductive charging station with quick charging function and power delivery with 4 ports for tablets, smartphones and other devices


Magnetic charging station for iPhone 15 and all others Apple Devices | with quick charging function and power delivery

udoq 550 CHARGING STATION Apple Basic L

Charging station for multiple devices | 4 Apple Lightning Connections for iPhone, iPad and AirPods

udoq cleans up all mobile devices clearly!

Daily loading – please professionally!

udoq was developed to simplify the daily loading and management of multiple mobile devices. Collects like a key board udoq all smartphones, tablets, headsets, Apple Watches, battery banks or hard drives – in short, everything with a USB connection, QI or MagSafe charging technology in one place.

Cable salad – bye bye

Do you charge more than 5 mobile devices daily? Are smartphones, power adapters and cables lying all over the place, or is something sometimes even missing? Authorities and companies, hotels, restaurants and many others help to solve the problem udoq. Checkout terminals, smartphones or e-readers are also careful udoq such as smartphones and tablets.

Clear loading

As the only charging station in the world, charges udoq all smartphones, tablets & Co. clearly arranged next to each other on a 4mm thick, milled and anodised aluminum rail. A missing device is recognized immediately and messages are visible on all displays.

No place at the table? Then to the wall!

As the only charging station in the world, udoq attach to the wall with 2 extremely stable aluminum brackets. The wall bracket with 4 clamping screws fixes each udoq absolutely wobble-free on every wall. Screws and dowels for every wall type are of course included.

An administrator's dream

All displays are fully visible and give direct feedback on updates or the state of charge. Depending on the cable or wireless connection, data can also be transferred to the mobile devices - without the hassle of plugging and unplugging.


Answers about the professional charging station for companies

Which devices can I charge?
udoq loads and organizes all of your mobile devices Apple and all other manufacturers. The movable and interchangeable charging plugs for Apple and Android Devices in all variants as well as the wireless adapter adapt quickly and cheaply to your new mobile devices. 

What are the advantages of a multiple charging station for companies?
Hundreds of smartphones can be neatly stored and charged without cable clutter, junction boxes and loose power supplies. On the solid, 4mm thick, milled and anodized aluminum rail, all devices are safely tidied up, fully visible and fully operable. 

How do I place the udoq Rails?
All udoq Charging rails can simply stand on a table or on a shelf. A silicone strip prevents slipping. With the wall mount each one is made of milled aluminium udoq Rail fixed to the wall without wobbling.

What happens if something changes?
You can make yours flexible, sustainable and timeless udoq always adapt to the future with the variable adapters. USB ports and wireless adapters are available for all mobile devices. The solid charging station always keeps its function.

How stable is the wall mount?
The udoq Aluminum wall bracket with 4 clamping screws connects to the 4mm thick udoq Rail represents an extremely stable unit. The load limit of this unit is therefore determined by the stability of the wall. Correctly mounted on a brick or concrete wall, theoretically 150 kg on a udoq700 rails can be stored. So significantly more than the maximum number of mobile devices could generate. The wall bracket was designed to be extremely robust to prevent the mobile devices from wobbling when attaching and detaching.

How many mobile devices can I charge?
The udoq 700 can charge up to 10 smartphones or 4 tablets clearly. Depending on the width of the mobile devices, the number that fits next to each other on the aluminum rail changes.

What other mobile devices can I charge?
Any mobile device can access udoq be charged by cable. All smartphones that support QI (wireless charging) can be used on the WIRELESS ADAPTERS load.

What Apple Can smartphones be charged wirelessly?
iPhones 6 and newer can be used with the WIRELESS ADAPTERS load. iPhones 12, 13, and 14 also charge with the MAGNETIC ADAPTERS (MagSafe).

Is wireless charging bad for the battery?
On the contrary. If Charging plug WIRELESS ADAPTERS or MAGNETIC ADAPTERS (MagSafe), the smartphone independently decides on the energy supply when charging. In order to save the battery, the latest smartphones do not charge the battery to 100%. A real benefit of wireless charging is durability. Since no mechanical plug contacts are used, there is no wear and tear on plugs and sockets.

Further questions?
Please write at any time for an individual offer with discounts for larger quantities.

The design charging station for several mobile devices

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A grey udoq 400 in the office and a gold one udoq 550 Home… Stylish!

Arthur, 27.12.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX

... and my children's cell phones come up in the evening udoq.

Sandra, 02.02.2020
Finally a charging station made of solid aluminium. Great quality!
Peter, 30.11.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX

With us it is udoq become a daily routine. All phones will be charged right after…

Andy, 04.12.2019

Really useful for zoom meetings! Great thing …

Jack, 02.03.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX

Everything tidy - no cables - that udoq it's great!

Brigitte, 12.09.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX

The constant search for charging cables is no longer necessary and the station looks great. The store works perfectly. I can recommend it unreservedly.

Birgit, 11.05.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX

Products of very high quality, elegant and well thought out. A product that I have only just found and am very excited about.

Chris, 11.12.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX

Great company! Great products! Very nice contact and very goodwill! Order here again

Philip, December 02.12.2020nd, XNUMX

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